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    Iris - Rectangular Culinary Tote

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    Iris, our rectangular baker tote, is ideal for carrying a large casserole dish - like a 9” x 13” lasagna pan. If you are in charge of the main course, Iris is your tote.

    Iris is available in a variety of canvas colors and is made with sturdy webbed handles. Fashion-forward trims and a hand-finished leather closure are the details that add character to this beautiful tote.


    • - Iris measures about 11” x 15” at the base and is about 9” tall when snapped closed (excluding straps). Open the tote up and it expands at the top to about 22”x 25”, with plenty of room for you to safely put a heavy pan in it, even while wearing oven mitts.

    • - A spill-resistant lining helps keep liquids inside the bag and not seeping out while you travel to your destination with your fabulous dish. If you take a corner too quickly and have a spill, simply wipe it out.

    • The extra wide opening of the bag makes loading and unloading hot and sloshy food items much easier. The ease of folding down the sides is especially helpful when you are enjoying an impromptu snack or meal on the go.

    • - As practical as the interior is, the exterior betrays nothing but style. Made of gorgeous canvas with fashion-forward trims, Iris is an indispensable accessory.

    • - Two extra sturdy webbed straps confidently carry heavy loads. Snap the hand-finished leather strap to close Iris and you’re ready to go.


    We design and make our linen pouches and canvas totes at our studios in Portland, Oregon + Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We are proud of the character and quality that comes with our small batch production.

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