Spice Alchemy with TaraMarie Perri

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Spice Alchemy with TaraMarie Perri


Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, teaches us to live in harmony with nature's rythms and the seasonal cycles.  Each season presents an opportunity to foster overall well-being with food, mind/body practices, and personal care rituals.  Participants will learn essential Ayurvedic principles for the Fall season, sensory awakening exercises, and an ancient spice-grinding ritual with the mortar and pestle.  The workshop will honor the tradition of sharing the method one-to-one within a small group setting.  Each student will experience the healing properties of spices during the alchemical preparation.  

Date: Sunday, October 8

Time: 3:30pm

Duration: 90min

Class Size:  12 People

Takeaways: Your own personal Fall spice blend for cooking and the knowledge to grind spices at home as both a seasonal ritual 

Instructor: TaraMarie Perri

About the Artist: TaraMarie Perri is a teacher, holistic health practitioner, and guide.  Her vocation is to support others in discovering the unique wisdom and capacity of their own human body and mind.  For more than two decades she has been integrating East and West for students and clients both in group and one-on-one settings dedicated to movement, injury and illness support, contemplative arts and sciences, and mind/body/energy therapies.  TaraMarie finds inspiration through ongoing study with her personal circle of teachers and guides and via unique collaborations with multi-disciplinary colleagues, artists and thinkers onstage, in-studio, and outdoors.  She lives, teaches and maintains private client practices in Brooklyn and Upstate NY.  She is the founder/director of the Perri Institute for Mind and Body and faculty at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. 

*Admission to F+S is free with the purchase of a workshop

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